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     Smart Tools For Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machinery

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Full Package Industry Solutions Product Selection Guide

  • WiMER (displacement)
  • iWMD
  • Vibration Analyzer
  • Rotor Balancer


Wireless Measurement Read (WiMER)
(iPad, iPhone, digital instrument)

WiMER is a wireless measurement device connecting to digital instruments. It reads digital micrometer/dial/caliper readings and communicates wirelessly with iPhone/iPad via Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing user to view real-time plot directly on the screen of iPhone/iPad.

Brochure brochure 

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Key Features

  • Dimension: 60 x 45 x 25 mm

  • Resolution: 0.001 mm (reading from the instrument)

  • Range: 12.7 mm (limitation of the instrument)

  • Rotating angle resolution: 1°

  • Sampling Frequency: 1-10 Hz

  • Wireless Working Range: up to 20 m

  • Working Temperature: 0-50 ºC

  • Battery: 850 mAh rechargeable

  • Charging: 5 VDC USB and 110VAC

  • Built in rotation sensor auto detecting 360°rotation


WiMER with iPad
WiMER with iPhone
WiMER with Mitutoyo 543
WiMER with Mitutoyo 500
WiMER with Mitutoyo 293
WiMER with Mitutoyo 547
WiMER with Mitutoyo bore gauge


  • Crankshaft Deflection Test

  • Rotor Runout Test

  • Bore Measurement

  • Surface Profile Test

Compatible Instruments

  • Mitutoyo

  • Fowler

  • Starrett

iOS Apps

There are various engineering apps available associated with WiMER for different applications. Click app icons below to view in app pages or contact us for more details.

App Screenshots

DialReadPad Home Screen
DialReadRotary Home Screen
Start New Measurement
Displacement Vs. Time
Displacement Vs. Angle
Polar Plot
View Measurement
PDF Report

Demo Video


Wireless Measurement Device (iWMD)
(iPad, iPhone, analog voltage, sensor)

iWMD is a series of wireless measurement devices with high resolution. It allows user to measure various sensor readings and communicate wirelessly with smart devices such as Apple's iPad via 2.4 GHz WiFi or Bluetooth Low Energy.

Brochure brochure 

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Key Features

  • Dimension: 128 x 78 x 27 mm

  • Resolution: 10, 5, 1, 0.2, 0.1 mV

  • Input Range: 0-10, 0-5, 0-1.1 VDC

  • Sampling Frequency: 1-1000 Hz

  • Sensor Supply Voltage: 5-20 VDC

  • Working Range: up to 15 m

  • Working Temperature: 0-50 ºC

  • Battery: 2500 mAh rechargeable

  • Charging: 5 VDC USB and 110VAC

  • Antenna Extension with Magnetic Base


  • Remote Monitoring

  • Power, Current & Voltage Monitoring

  • Pressure Measurement

  • Temperature Sensing (RTE, Thermocouple, Infrared)

  • Crankshaft Deflection Detection

  • Rotor Runout Assessment

  • Wireless Metrology

  • Flow measurement

  • Oil characteristics sensing

iOS App

PowerReader App is now available in the App Store.


iWMD with current transducer
iWMD with LVDT
iWMD with Sensym pressure transducer
iWMD with OMEGA pressure transducer
iWMD with proximity sensor



iPad Vibration Analyzer
(iPad, Vibration Analysis Software, 2-Channel DAQ, External Accelerometer)

Conduct vibration readings right from apple’s iPad.

The package includes iPad, vibration analysis software for the iPad (application), a 2-channel DAQ, an external accelerometer, cables and industrial protective case for the iPad. It allows the user to take readings and leverage the powerful platform of the iPad. The user can now take readings and in one touch email those readings for a real time analysis by an expert that is off site. The user will be able to save pictures of the screen graphs to later compare data.
Connected to data network the user can access the internet for inventory data, machine specs, and reading history. Allowing the user to connect the vibration analyzer to the internet opens a world of undiscovered possibilities including: live video conferencing, Real Time off site expert analysis, and much more.

Download Technical Specs in PDF.

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Receive 5 more technical Apps for vibration analysis for free with the purchase of Vibration Analyzer package:
VibeSpectra, Vibra Calc, Vibra Test, and 2 more. Contact us for the details.

vibespectraicon apps icons apps icon2 vibraunitsicon vibraunitsicon REBicon


iPad Package for Rotor Balancing
(iPad, Balancing Software App, 2 Channel DAQ, External Accelerometer)

Balancing rotors using Single Plane, 2-Plane Inbound and 2-Plane Overhung methods directly by iPad.

The package includes:

  • An iPad with Otter Case

  • 2-channel DAQ for iPad

  • Industrial accelerometer with magnetic base

  • Custom Remote Optical Tachometer (to measure the phase)

  • iRotorBalancer App

Download Technical Specs in PDF.

Contact us for the details.

Smart DeviceS Software


DialRead is a real-time digital instrument measurements reader and analyzer, using our Wireless Measurement Read (WiMER).


DialReadPad is the iPad version of DialRead, connecting to our Wireless Measurement Read (WiMER) device and reading digital instrument measurements.

DialReadRotary takes digital instrument readings and simultaneously detects rotating angles with its built-in sensor, using our Wireless Measurement Read (WiMER).


iRotorBalancer is a field balancing tool that uses one external accelerometer and one optical sensor connected to the iPad, for single-plane & two-planes rotor balancing.


Real-time overall vibration measurements and severity judgment based on different standards, using the iPad with our DAQ system.


PowerReader reads analog DC signals through WiFi channel of the iPad from any our iWMD device, suitable for power monitoring, temperature sensing, etc.


BalanceVision is an App designed to support balancing procedures, using the camera the user can locate the angular positions on the rotor


iAlignCalc is the perfect tool for machine shaft alignment, includes several alignment methods and a thermal growth calculator


VibraPad is a vibration analysis tool, specially designed for determining the most common vibration frequencies of machine faults, using one external accelerometer.


VibeSpectra is a reference guide for the rotating machinery predictive maintenance. Included are expected vibration spectra for various machine faults.


An interactive tool for vibration severity test based on ISO 10816-03. User selects the machine type, foundation (flexible or rigid), enters RMS of vibration, and the App shows the operating condition of the machine (Blue, Green, Yellow, or Red ).


REBvive calculates vibration fundamental frequencies of roller element bearings from its geometry or model.


iGearbox is the ideal tool for training and learning the basics of regular and planetary gearboxes. Also calculates de gear ratio and gear speeds.


iRotorBalance uses different methods for calculating the correction weights for rotor balancing in single-plane or 2-planes.


VibraUnits is a vibration units conversion calculator. Converts typical vibration amplitude and frequencies units.


Calculates vibration frequencies of induction motors, gears, rolling element bearings, pumps, fans, journal bearings, and belts. Also, it provides other interactive tools such as vibration severity test based on ISO 10816-3, and vibration units conversions tool.


iWindTurbine calculates the estimated output power of wind turbines, based on its geometry and basic wind parameters.


PC-Based Software and Health Management Tools 

     Vibration Asset Manager (Excel Macro) 
             (For Mac and Windows)

A monitoring and health management tool to monitor and manage vibration data collected by iPad Vibration System.

                         Vibration Data Viewer
            (For Windows Vista, 7 and 8)

A windows-based software to view, monitor and analyze the vibration data collected by iPad Vibration System.