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     Smart Tools For Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machinery
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Wireless Dimensional Measurement

                      Motionics WiMER Uno

                           WiMER Uno
              (For Mitutoyo Instruments)

WiMER Uno is a wireless transmitter for single data capturing of Mitutoyo digital instruments like calipers and micrometers.

                      Motionics BlueDial

              (Bluetooth Dial Indicator)

BlueDial integrates Mitutoyo dial indicator with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Dial measurement is completely wireless now.

                  Motionics BlueDial-LT

          (Bluetooth Dial Indicator Lite)

BlueDial-LT is the lite version of BlueDial. With a more affordable price, user can still have high accuracy measurement and Bluetooth data transmission.

       Motionics WiMER Series 1

                      WiMER Series 1
             (For Mitutoyo Instruments)

WiMER Series 1 reads the measurements from Mitutoyo digital instruments and transmits via bluetooth to the smart device apps or PC.

Motionics WiMER Series 2

                     WiMER Series 2
          (For Fowler/Sylvac Instruments)

WiMER Series 2 reads the measurements from Fowler /Sylvac digital instruments and transmits via bluetooth to the smart device apps or PC.


                     WiMER Series 3
        (For Mitutoyo LVDT Linear Gage)

WiMER Series 3 reads the measurements from Mitutoyo linear gage and transmits via bluetooth to the smart device apps or PC.

       Motionics WiMER Series 1 Plus

                        WiMER-1 Plus
                   (Long Range Model)

WiMER-1 Plus is the long range variant of the original WiMER-1. It boosts data transmission range to 50m (line of sight).

                      Motionics BlueAngle

              (Bluetooth Angle Sensor)

BlueAngle is a gyroscope-based Bluetooth angle sensor, measuring angular positions when attached to a rotating object.


              (Bluetooth Test Indicator)

BLEndicator is a Bluetooth test indicator with direct wireless connectivity with smart devices and PC.

                      Motionics BlueAngle

                           WiMER 4A
        (Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter)

WiMER4A is a the wireless transmitter for Mitutoyo digital protractor 950-318.

Product Selection Guide

               Product Selection Guide


Custom Application Kit

Motionics Wireless Runout Kit

               Wireless Rotor Runout Kit

This kit synchronizes wireless displacement readings and wireless rotating angle measurements to show the real contour of a rotor.

                  Motionics Wireless Pile Load Test

             Wireless Pile Load Test Kit  

Consisting of two BlueDials and a Bluetooth pressure sensor, this kit wirelessly monitors deformation of the test pile during load application and removal.

                  Motionics Wireless Crankshaft Deflection Test

     Wireless Crankshaft Deflection Test Kit  

Using Motionics Bluetooth Crankshaft Gage, this kit wirelessly records and automatically calculates vertical/horizontal deflections of testing crankshaft webs.


       Wireless Pressure Measurement Kit

This kit connects to multiple Bluetooth pressure transducers and simultaneously monitors pressure change at different locations.

Wireless Power Measurement

       Motionics WiClamp

       Wireless Current Measurement Kit  
        (For Current RMS Measurement)

WiClamp transmits the current True RMS value to the BlueClamp App. The App can support up to 3 simultaneous bluetooth clamps.

       Motionics iWMD22

   Wireless Measurement Device iWMD22
        (For Analog Sensor Measurement)

iWMD reads analog outputs of various sensors and transmits results wirelessly to the iPad app.

Vibration Analysis and Rotor Balancing

Motionics iPad Vibration Analyzer

               iPad Vibration Analyzer
                   (Wired or Wireless)

iPad Vibration Analyzer collects and analyzes vibration signals to the iPad.

       Motionics iPad Rotor Balancer

                    iPad Rotor Balancer 
                     (Wired or Wireless)

iPad Rotor Balancer enables vibration signal acquisition and rotor balancing procedure on iPad.

              Motionics One-Channel Vibration Analyzer

    Single-Channel Vibration RMS Tester 
                     (iPhone & iPad)

Single-channel vibration RMS tester is a low-cost yet effective solution for overall vibration RMS test and machine certification on iPhone/iPad.

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