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Wireless Measurement Read (WiMER) Series 1
(iPad, iPhone, Windows, digital instrument, displacement, Mitutoyo)

WiMER-11 is a wireless measurement device connecting to digital instruments. It reads Mitutoyo digital micrometer/dial/caliper readings and communicates wirelessly with iPhone/iPad via Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing user to view real-time plot directly on the screen of iPhone/iPad.

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  • Dimension: 2.50 x 1.63 x 0.80 in

  • Resolution: 0.001 mm (depending on the instrument)

  • Range: 12.7 mm (depending on the instrument)

  • Sampling Frequency: 5/10 Hz

  • Wireless Working Range: up to 10 m

  • Working Temperature: 0-50 ºC

  • Battery: 400 mAh rechargeable

  • Charging: 5 VDC USB and 110VAC


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  • Crankshaft Deflection Test

  • Rotor Runout Test

  • Bore Measurement

  • Surface Profile Test

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Compatible Mitutoyo Instruments

  • Caliper Series 500, 551, 552, 573

  • Height Gage Series 192, 570, 574

  • Depth Gage Series 571

  • Micrometer Series 227, 293, 314, 317, 323, 324, 326, 331, 342, 343, 369, 389, 395, 406, 422

  • Dial Indicator Series 543 with SPC output

  • Dial Indicator Series 575

  • Thickness Gage Series 547

  • Digimatic Caliper Gage Series 209

  • More

Feel free to confirm with us if you are not sure about the compatibility of your Mitutoyo device with WiMER.

Compatible Platforms


There are various engineering apps available associated with WiMER for different applications. Click app icons below to view in app pages or contact us for more details.

DialRead App DialReadPad App DialFace AppMultiGage AppRunout App
    DialRead        DialReadPad         DialFace     MultiGage Reader     Runout


WiMER is compatible with Android 4.3 and after. Click the App icon to view more details and download.

DialReading App


With the help of USB Bluetooth Dongle and our FREE software, WiMER can also wirelessly send instrument readings to any Windows PC.


LabVIEW is also in the list of compatible platforms. We provide this Dial Reading VI covering device scanning, connection and data collection, and you can build your application on top of it.

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