Vibration Data Viewer is a Windows-based software to view, monitor and analyze the data collected by iPad vibration and balancing systems. The software reads the SQLite database of the  VibePro  App. 

Optional features of the software to read database of other Apps by Motionics such as iRotorBalancer and iVibraMeter can be added as an extra. 

Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, and 8

Specifications specifications 


u Route Information
Vibration trends with Alert and Danger Zones
Plants, Machines, Measuring Points & Measurements
Zoom into Spectrum
Asset Health Management
CSV Export
Reading Lists: All, Last, Alert & Danger
Assets Health Information in Pie Chart
Reads SQLite Database of VibePro, iVibraMeter* & iRotorBalancer* Apps
* As an extra feature

  • $299: Single License for one machine  
  • $399: Three Licenses for different machines
  • $499: Five Licenses for different machines
Note: The licensing is unique for each computer. 

  1. Licensing and Download:
  1. Download the Software package
  2. Double click on the Installer.exe and follow the instruction
  3. Once the install is complete, run the DataReaderMotionics.exe
  4. You can select "Trial" option in main menu to test the trial version (limited to read vibration data of just one machine)
  5. Or you can purchase a licensed version of the software with no limit in the number of machines