Vibration Data Manager is a Microsoft Excel Macro developed by Motionics for asset managing and condition based monitoring based on overall vibration levels. The software works based on a database CSV file generated by VibePro and VibeTrend Apps. 

The Vibration Data Manager software is available for Mac and PC.   


- Manage the vibration data measured with VibePro

- Define the Acceleration and Velocity thresholds

- Sort data by machine, measuring point, status, vibration level, date, etc.

- Shows conditions of all machines in Green, Yellow, Red based on the defined thresholds.

Here How the Whole System Works:

  • Vibration data are collected from different machines by different iPad Vibration Analyzers and saved in the cloud (Dropbox).
  • At anytime, any user can use VibePro or VibeTrend Apps to download all vibration data of a plant and generate the database CSV file and send the file to the computer by email.
  • Then, any Windows- or Mac-based user who has the access to the CSV database file can use Vibration Data Manager macro software to monitor and manage the collected vibration data of the plant.

  • $299: Single License for one machine  
  • $399: Three Licenses for different machines
  • $499: Five Licenses for different machines

Licensing Instruction:

       To receive a license for Mac contact us at

       To receive a license for Windows follow the following steps:

  1. Download the unlicensed version of the software from here
  2. Double click on the downloaded Excel file to open
  3. In the main page, click on the Vibration Data button
  1. A message appears and shows a unique License Request Code (LRC) for you computer.
  1. Email the LRC code to to receive a licensed copy of the software for your computer. 
Note: The licensing is unique for each computer. To request multi licenses for different computers you need to send the unique LRC code of each machine.