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Motionics Vibration Analyzer

iPad Vibration Analyzer
(iPad, Vibration Analysis Software, 2-Channel DAQ, External Accelerometer)

This iPad Vibration Analyzer collects and analyzes vibration signals to the iPad. It allows the user to take readings and leverage the powerful platform of the iPad. The user can now take readings and in one touch email those readings for a real time analysis by an expert that is off site. The user will be able to save pictures of the screen graphs to later compare data.

Connected to data network the user can access the internet for inventory data, machine specs, and reading history. Allowing the user to connect the vibration analyzer to the internet opens a world of undiscovered possibilities including: live video conferencing, Real Time off site expert analysis, and much more.

This kit is available in both wired and wireless versions. The wired system integrates a 3 port, 2 channel DAQ box on the iPad case for accelerometer input. The wireless system adopts a wireless accelerometer to transmit vibration signal to a small receiver integrated on the iPad case.

Download Technical Specs in PDF.

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Wired iPad Vibration Analyzer

Wireless iPad Vibration Analyzer

The package includes: