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Vibra Test Pro
(iPhone, vibration, vibration severity, velocity RMS, sensor)

Vibra Test Pro App is a tool for evaluating vibration severity of rotating machines from 120 to 15,000 RPM based on the ISO standard 10816-3.

Vibra Test Pro enables automatic vibration signal collection and velocity RMS calculation on iPhone with connected external DAQ hardware. Users can continuously monitor the vibration severity updates for testing machines.

Vibra Test Pro is compatible with our Vibration Analysis Kit and Single-Channel Vibration RMS Tester. For users who don't have required DAQ hardware, Vibra Test Pro retains the feature of manual input of vibration velocity RMS in its free version variant Vibra Test.


  • DAQ and Manual input option

  • Auto vibration signal collection and processing in DAQ mode

  • Accurate vibration velocity RMS computation

  • Interactive ISO 10816 vibration severity table

  • Metric and Imperial units option

  • Machine type and support type selections

  • Enlarged severity bar with 4 color zones for better view

  • Custom standard available with user defined severity thresholds

  • One button calibration for DAQ input

  • Test information input including test date, machine ID, machine image

  • Screenshot of testing page saved in the device photo library

  • Email testing page


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