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Motionics Single-Channel Vibration RMS Tester

Single-Channel iPhone/iPad Overall Vibration RMS Tester
(overall vibration, single channel, iPhone, iPad, RMS, sensor)

This single-channel vibration RMS tester is a low-cost yet effective solution for overall vibration RMS test and machine certification. It consists of an advanced digital accelerometer and vibration analysis Apps on iPhone and iPad.

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In the package:

  • iPad Mini 4 128GB Cellular with Protective Case (Optional)

  • Digital Accelerometer with Magnet Base

  • Accelerometer Cable Accessory

  • Protective Carrying Case

  • iVibraMeter App for iPad

  • VibraTestPro App for iPhone

Single-Channel iPhone/iPad Overall Vibration RMS Tester

Digital Accelerometer

The digital accelerometer integrates a high-resolution, broad-frequency piezoelectric accelerometer with digital data acquisition (24 bit internal ADC, 44.1 kHz sampling rate).

It directly connects to iPhone/iPad through a USB lightning adapter, thus greatly simplifies vibration measurements.

It also comes with a 85 pound pull force magnet base, making it easy and safe to attach this accelerometer to testing machine during measurement.

Vibra Test Pro App on iPhone

Vibra Test Pro App is a tool for evaluating vibration severity of rotating machines from 120 to 15,000 RPM based on the ISO standard 10816-3.

Vibra Test Pro enables automatic vibration signal collection and velocity RMS calculation on iPhone with connected external DAQ hardware. Users can continuously monitor the vibration severity updates for testing machines.

To learn more about Vibra Test Pro App, click the App icon below to visit its page.

iVibraMeter App on iPad

iVibraMeter is a Tool for Machine Condition Monitoring. The iPad Application connects to the Data Acquisition Box and collects in real time the Overall RMS Vibration (Acceleration or Velocity), and displays the value together with the severity bar based in different industry standards.

Its machine model library includes general 3D models of motor, pump, fan and spindle, which is a helpful illustration and guidance for testing of these industrial machines.

iVibraMeter also provides a simple way to generate and manage test reports. Users can easily add company logo, test information, machine image, vibration spectrum, GPS location and signature to the report. Once generated, the PDF report can be saved locally, or wirelessly printed or exported via email

To learn more about Vibra Test Pro App, click the App icon below to visit its page.