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(iPad, rotor, dimensional measurement, angle measurement, Bluetooth)

Runout app is an engineering app included in Motionics Wireless Rotor Runout Kit, providing an easy way on iPad to inspect rotor runout.

It is able to connect to BlueDial and BlueAngle simultaneously, interpret data from both sensors to show the actual shape of rotor.

Up to 4 BlueDials can be connected at the same time, allowing to conduct runout test for multiple planes with one run.

Test report can be generated and saved after completion of the test session. A local record manager provides access to previous tests data and reports.


  • Wireless connectivity with displacement (dial indicator) sensor and angle sensor

  • Multiple displacement sensors connectivity (test up to 4 planes simultaneously)

  • Probe meter for displacement readings

  • User-defined range for probe meter

  • 2 probe meter styles for high and low resolutions

  • Analog rotating angle indicator for rotor angular position

  • Remote zeroing of displacement and angle sensors from the app

  • Sensor status page to show sensor signal strength, battery level and editable display name

  • User-defined number of test points on rotor circumference

  • Cartesian plot and polar plot

  • Direct screenshot of the results and plots to save in camera library

  • Values and positions of Max/Min summarized in result table

  • Data smoothing using moving average

  • Various test data exporting options (email, wireless print, AirDrop, saving to flash drive)

  • PDF report with test information, machine image, test results, note, tester signature and map

  • Local test records manager to retrieve previous tests data and reports


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