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iPad Rotor Balancer
(iPad, Balancing Software App, 2 Channel DAQ, External Accelerometer)

This iPad Rotor Balancing Kit turns an iPad into a balancer to assist in rotor operation and maintenance.

This kit is available in both wired and wireless versions. The wired system integrates a 3 port, 2 channel DAQ box on the iPad case for accelerometer and tachometer inputs. The wireless system adopts a wireless accelerometer to transmit both vibration signal and optical signal to a small receiver integrated on the iPad case.

The iPad using the iRotorBalancer App allows the user to apply Single Plane, 2-Plane Inbound, 2-Plane Overhung methods to meet different rotor balancing requirement. Just with a few simple tappings and typings, everyone can be an expert in rotor balancing using this package.

Download Technical Specs in PDF.

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Wired iPad Rotor Balancer

Wireless iPad Rotor Balancer

The package includes: