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     Smart Tools For Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machinery

Our Products and Services

Motionics with an expert team of hardware and software developers provides technical consulting services in hardware/software development for your technical projects in machinery monitoring, measurement, diagnostics and predictive maintenance:

Hardware Packages

We have formed a solid hardware product line of sensors, instrumentation, accessories and wireless tools focusing on the following 3 categories: wireless dimensional measurement, wireless power measurement, vibration and balancing.

We will offer hardware packages for:

  • Rotor Runout Test

  • Bore Measurement

  • Thread Measurement

  • Crankshaft Deflection Detection

  • Surface Profile Measurement

  • Current Monitoring

  • Power Monitoring

  • Pressure Measurement

  • Temperature Sensing

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Shaft Alignment

  • Rotor Balancing


Software Packages

We develop and customize smart device Apps (iOS, Android) as well as PC/Mac software for aforementioned engineering applications.


Consulting Service

We offer hardware&software customization for your specific application.

Consulting service for new projects is also available.

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Predictive Maintenance Service

Together with our partners, we also provide predictive maintenance service for equipment in manufacturing facilities to prevent potential tool failures and avoid unnecessary downtime.

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