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Introducing new device WiMER Uno

3 Oct 2016
WiMER Uno is a wireless transmitter for single data capturing of Mitutoyo digital instruments like calipers and micrometers.

New LabVIEW VI for multiple BlueDials/WiMERs

10 Sep 2016
The new LabVIEW VI enables the multiple device connectability for more potentials and flexibility in custom applications.

New Update of DialReading for PC

22 Aug 2016
New version adds keyboard trigger to directly key in BlueDial readings to Excel or other text based software.

New Update of DialReading for PC

25 Jul 2016
Dial-Reading software adds support for WiMER 1 to directly key in readings in Excel by pressing trigger button.

New Update of DialReading for PC

1 Jul 2016
Dial-Reading software for Windows PC can now connect to multiple devices for simultaneous data collection.

New Update of DialReading for PC

13 Jun 2016
The new update of DialReading software for Windows PC adds support for WiMER-3. Users can enter linear gage resolution and let the software automatically adjust readings.

New App: DialReading for Android

01 Jun 2016
This new App allows users to wirelessly read BlueDial and WiMER readings on an Android device.

New Update of DialReading for PC

30 May 2016
The new update of DialReading software for Windows PC includes time stamps in data recording, making it easier for users to match time and reading for further analysis.

LabVIEW Support for BlueDial and WiMER

15 May 2016
LabVIEW is now on our list of compatible platforms for BlueDial and WiMER. Users now have the flexibility to create customized software for their own applications.

New Package: Wireless Rotor Runout Kit

26 Apr 2016
This kit synchronizes wireless displacement readings and wireless rotating angle measurements to show the real contour of a rotor.

Introducing Bluetooth Angle Sensor: BlueAngle

20 Apr 2016
BlueAngle is a gyroscope-based Bluetooth angle sensor, measuring angular positions when attached to a rotating object.

VibraTestPro now supports WAV file export

1 Apr 2016
VibraTestPro now supports WAV file format. Users can choose to export recorded vibration data in CSV file or WAV file.

Vibration Raw Data Recording on iPhone using VibraTestPro

22 Mar 2016
The new update of VibraTestPro includes vibration recording feature. Using VibraTestPro and our accelerometer can now easily record vibration raw signal on iPhone. Users can choose to export collected data in CSV file via AirDrop/email/Dropbox or directly open the file in mobile Excel.

Update: Analog Dials on MultiGage Reader

11 Feb 2016
New update of MultiGage Reader brings analog dials to digital indicators. A rotating needle spans while instrument reading changes. It maintains the accuracy and reliability of a digital indicator, but also shows data like a traditional dial.

Wireless Dial Read on PC

18 Jan 2016
Wirelessly reading displacement measurements with BlueDial or WiMER on any Windows PC.

Motionics Has Moved

06 Aug 2015
Please visit us at our new location: 8500 Shoal Creek Blvd Building 4 Suite 209 Austin, TX 78757

Bluetooth Dial Indicator BlueDial

22 May 2015
Dial indicator with integrated Bluetooth Low Energy Technology. No more hassle of cables and connectors in measurement.

Motionics Store is Now Available

04 Feb 2015
Place an order now on

Wireless Current Measurement Kit

04 Feb 2015
A kit to measure TRUE RMS value of current in a cable and transmit results wirelessly to BlueClamp App on iPad.

Wireless Measurement Read (WiMER)

31 Oct 2014
A complete package of wireless measurement device and iOS engineering apps for various applications.

Wireless Power Monitoring Package

31 Oct 2014
A new wireless measurement device for power monitoring with associated PowerReader App.

Vibration Manager Software for PC and Mac

05 Nov 2012
A new software for vibration monitoring and machinery asset management under PC or Mac.

iRotorBalancer: App for iPad w/DAQ

04 Oct 2012
Real-Time Single-Plane and Two-Plane Rotor Balancing - Updated for iOS6

iVibraMeter: App for iPad w/DAQ

04 Oct 2012
Real-Time Overall Vibration Measurements - Updated for iOS6