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(iPad, vibration, rotor-balancing, portable balancer)

iRotorBalancer is a technical tool for balancing of rotating machinery in single-plane and two-planes. This iPad application connects to the Rotor Balancing Kit to collect the vibration Amplitude and Phase with the accelerometer & tachometer, and calculates the correction balancing weights and angular positions. Following the guidance of iRotorBalancer, there is no need to go through complicated and tedious balancing calculation again.

PDF report option is available after each balancing work. Users can easily generate rotor balancing report including test information, machine image, vibration before and after balancing, correction weight information, custom note, GPS location and signature. PDF report can be saved and organized based on plant and machine in local report manager, or exported via email or wirelessly printed.


  • Automatic vibration Amplitude and Phase calculation from accelerometer and tachometer inputs

  • Single-plane balancing using the 4-Runs Method

  • Single-plane balancing using the Vector Method

  • Two-planes inbound balancing using Influence Coefficients Method

  • Two-planes overhung balancing

  • Displays real-time waveform and spectrum (FFT) of the vibration signal

  • Automatic Amplitude and Phase picker for the 1X vibration component

  • Handy calculator to estimate the trial weight

  • Angular mass distribution calculator

  • Permissible residual imbalance determination

  • Polar plots of the trial and correction weights

  • Weight Removal calculator

  • One button calibration for accelerometer input

  • Generate report with machine information, vibration before and after balancing, trial weights, map location, pictures from library or camera, signature and notes

  • PDF report email or wireless printing

  • Local report manager

  • Help & instructions


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Application Cases

Click the images below to view the test reports.

Balancing of an Industrial Fan
05-21-2012: Van Tongeren Kennemer BV. - Netherlands

Balancing a High Speed Spindle in Two-Planes
05-02-2012: GTI Spindle Technology - USA

Single-Plane Balancing using the 4-Runs Method
04-24-2012: Van Tongeren Kennemer BV. - Netherlands

2-Planes Balancing of a Gas Turbine
04-02-2012: DynaTech - USA