NOTE: This App requires external iPad hardware to operate   

iRotorBalancer version 1.06

iRotorBalancer is a technical tool for balancing of rotating machinery in single-plane and two-planes. The iPad application connects to the hardware to collect the vibration Amplitude and Phase with the accelerometer & the Phase Sensor, and calculates the correction balancing weights and its angular positions.


- Single-plane balancing using the Vector Method

- Two-Planes balancing using Influence Coefficients Method

- Displays real-time spectrum and waveform of the vibration signal (FFT)

- Automatic Amplitude and Phase picker for the 1X vibration component

- Handy calculator to estimate the trial weight 

- Angular mass distribution calculator

- Permissible residual imbalance determination

- Polar plots of the trial and correction weights

- Weight Removal calculator

- Complete Report with Pictures, Map, Signature and balancing results

- Use your company header and logo in the pdf report (In-App purchase)