About us

About Us

Motionics, LLC was established in February 2011 in Austin, TX to develop new technologies for diagnostics, monitoring, and advanced vibration analysis of rotating machinery. Another expertise of Motionics is educational products including software and hardware for engineering and technical applications.

Also, Motionics provides innovative industrial solutions in form of tablet-based software (Applications) along with custom-designed hardware for vibration analysis and monitoring of rotating equipment.



Mohsen Nakhaeinejad, Ph.D.
Board Member

Mohsen has been studying and working in Manufacturing and Mechanical engineering for last 15 years and received his Ph.D. in Mechanical engineering in 2010 from The University of Texas at Austin.
With a solid background in model-based diagnostics, vibration analysis, robotics and manufacturing, he co-founded the Motionics.

David O. Bukowitz, MSc
Board Member

David received his MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Science from University of Zulia in Venezuela and for the last 18 years, he worked as a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department and served as the chair of the Machine Design Department, Director of Extension program, and advisor to the School of Engineering Council. David has been a consultant for the last 12 years in oil & petrochemical industry and has taught many professional training workshops and seminars in vibration analysis, machine diagnosis, predictive maintenance, rotor balancing and machine alignment.
David co-founded Motionics to develop new technologies for machinery with his extensive experience in the field.