Wind Turbine Power Estimator  

Wind Speed: V = 12



Air Density : ρ (Kg/m3)

Blades Diameter : D (m)

Power Coefficient : Cp (0-0.59)

Electro-Mechanical Efficiency : ζ (0-100%)


Swept Area (m2)

Available Wind Power (KW)

Turbine Power Output (KW)

Annual Power Output (MWh)

Average Household Annual Electricity Consumption: (KWh)
(18000 KWh for a small house in the US)

Numbers of Houses Powered:


  • Select the Wind Speed using the slider, enter the Air Density, Blades Diameter, Aerodynamic Power Coefficient, Electro-Mechanical Efficiency. The software interactively calculates the Swept Area, Available Wind Power, Turbine Power Output, and Annual Power Output.

  • Enter Average Annual Electricity Consumption of the house, and software determines the number of houses that can be powered using this wind Turbine.


Although the calulations done by this software were made with great care, it may contain errors or inaccuracies. Using the results of the calculations is the sole responsibility of the user.


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