Requires External Hardware    

VibraPad is an educational App to teach the basics of vibration analysis for rotating machinery monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance. It contains a library of machines including motor, pump, fan, blower, gearbox, belt derive, and bearings. 

The user can easily construct a system by connecting the components from the library, define the specification for each part of the system, and see the fundamental frequencies of the system in details and also on the vibration signal spectrum. 

The App can acquire the vibration signal through an extra hardware that can be purchased separately. However, without the extra hardware, the user can still acquire the sound signal of the machine through the mic of the iPad and the signal will be shown in the time- and frequency-domain. The harmonics of the machine frequencies can be also shown on the frequency signal. 


- Easy Calibration


- Real-Time Waveform and Spectrum of the vibration signal

- 10kHz (600,000 CPM) Bandwidth

- Higher Peak finder